Privacy Policy Statement


  1. Introduction


When James Yuen Boxing Club Limited (the “CLUB”) collects any of customer personal data or information, it is THE CLUB’s policy to comply fully with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486 Laws of Hong Kong) (“the said Ordinance”). The said Ordinance regulates the collection and use of personal data and information in Hong Kong. Personal data is any information relating to any living individual from which it is possible to identify that individual. In dealing with personal data, THE CLUB will ensure compliance by THE CLUB’s staff with the strictest standards of security and confidentiality prescribed by the said Ordinance.


  1. Privacy Commitment


THE CLUB’s commitment to comply with the said Ordinance is premised on the following principles:

  1.  THE CLUB collect only necessary personal data from customers for the provision of services and products.
  2.  Personal data will only be used for the purposes specified and not for other purposes except with the consent of THE CLUB’s customers.
  3.  THE CLUB will not disclose personal data to any external organization unless THE CLUB (i) have the consent of THE CLUB’s customers or (ii) are required by law, but THE CLUB will only do so under proper authority.
  4.  All practicable steps will be taken to ensure customers’ personal data are kept secure, confidential and accurate. Such data will not be retained longer than it is necessary.
  5.  Only authorized personnel can access or process the personal data of customers.
  6.  Customers have the right to access or correct their personal data.


  1.  Collection of Personal Data


3.1  At times, you may be required to provide your personal data, including, but not limited to, your name, gender, date of birth, identity document number and/or its copy, telephone number, fax number, location, postal address and/or its proof, email address, credit card information and bank account number. Refusal to provide such information may render THE CLUB unable to handle any application or request you are making, or may deny you access to certain parts of THE CLUB’s websites, or may otherwise defeat the objectives of your visit. If you are under the age of 18, consent from your parent or guardian is required before you provide THE CLUB with any personal data.


3.2  Some of THE CLUB’s websites may disclose non-personally identifiable aggregate statistics relating to THE CLUB’s visitors to advertisers. Some of THE CLUB’s websites may collect aggregate information about THE CLUB’s visitors, e.g. statistics on the number of visits. This type of data may include, but is not limited to, the browser type and version, operating system, IP address and/or domain name.


3.3  When you visit THE CLUB’s websites, THE CLUB will record your visit only but will not collect any personal data from you unless otherwise stated. Cookies used (if any) in any part of THE CLUB’s websites will not be deployed for collecting personal data. For your information, Cookies are small computer files that can be stored in web surfers’ computers for the purposes of obtaining configuration information and analyzing web surfers’ viewing habits. They can save you from registering again when re-visiting a website and are commonly used to track your preferences in relation to the subject matter of the website. You may refuse to accept Cookies by modifying the relevant Internet options or browsing preferences of your computer system, but to do so you may not be able to utilize or activate certain available functions in THE CLUB’s websites. THE CLUB’s websites may bar users who do not accept Cookies.


3.4  Calls between you and THE CLUB may be recorded for the purposes of staff training, improvement of service quality and clarification of contractual issues.


3.5  Personal data relating to employment held by THE CLUB may include the following:

  1.  Name and address, contact details, date of birth and nationality of employees and potential employees and their spouses and their family members and their identity card and/or passport numbers and place and date of issue thereof;
  2.  Additional information complied about potential employees to assess their suitability for a job in the course of the recruitment selection process which may include references obtained from their current or former employers or other sources;
  3.  Additional information complied about employees which may include records of remuneration and benefits paid to the employees, records of job postings, transfer and training, records of medical checks, sick leave, attendance, emergency contact and other medical claims and performance appraisal reports of the employees;
  4.  Relevant personal data pertaining to former employees may be required by THE CLUB to fulfil its obligations to the former employees and its legal obligations under certain ordinances; and
  5.  Information which is in the public domain.


  1. Personal Information Collection Statement


4.1  As a customer of The Club, or a visitor or user of THE CLUB’s website(s), it may be necessary for you to provide THE CLUB with your personal data when you apply to THE CLUB and/or continue to subscribe with THE CLUB for any service and/or product. If your personal data is incomplete or incorrect, THE CLUB may not be able to provide or continue to provide the services to you. THE CLUB shall keep your personal data confidential at all times. THE CLUB’s policies and practices with respect to the collection, use, retention, disclosure, transfer, security and access of personal data will be in accordance with requirements under the Ordinance and this Statement. THE CLUB may use and retain the personal data provided by you for the following purposes and for other purposes as shall be agreed between you and THE CLUB or required by law from time to time:

  1. Processing of your service application, and provisioning of the services;
  2. Subject to your consent, THE CLUB may use your personal data (including but not limited to name, gender, telephone number, fax number, location, postal address, email address, date of birth) for marketing the categories of goods and/or services as set out in the customer consent form which may be subject to change from time to time (irrespective of whether THE CLUB is remunerated for such marketing activities) relating to THE CLUB, THE CLUB’s service providers and business partners. THE CLUB may dispatch to you the promotional information via direct marketing telephone calls, e-mail, e-message1, facsimile, direct mailings etc.
  3. Processing of any benefits for you arising out of the services;
  4. Analyzing, verifying and/or checking of your credit, payment and/or account status in relation to the provision of the services;
  5. Facilitating the daily operation of your account, provisioning of customer services and/or the collection of overdue amounts in your account in relation to the services;

1 E-message means electronic messages delivered via the following means: mobile short messaging service (SMS) / multimedia messaging services (MMS) / cross-platform mobile messaging application (e.g. smartphone messaging application).


4.2  The purposes for which the personal data relating to employees may be used are as follows:

  1. processing employment applications;
  2. determining and reviewing salaries, bonuses and other benefits;
  3. consideration for promotion, training or transfer;
  4. providing employee references;
  5. monitoring compliance with internal rules of THE CLUB;  
  6. any other purposes directly or indirectly relating to the compliance by THE CLUB or any of the employment or statutory obligations; and
  7. meeting the requirements to make disclosure under the requirements of any law binding on THE CLUB or under and for the purposes of any guidelines issued by regulatory or other authorities with which THE CLUB are expected to comply.


  1. Security of Personal Data


THE CLUB will ensure an appropriate level of protection for personal data in order to prevent unauthorized or accidental access, processing, erasure or other use of that data, commensurate with the sensitivity of the data and the harm that would be caused by occurrence of any of the aforesaid events. It is the practice of THE CLUB to achieve appropriate levels of security protection by implementing appropriate physical, electronic and managerial measures to safeguard and secure customer personal data.


  1. Accuracy of Personal Data


THE CLUB will ensure accuracy of all personal data using generally accepted practices and guidelines. Appropriate procedures are implemented to provide for all personal data to be regularly checked and updated to ensure that it is reasonably accurate having regard to the purposes for which that data is used. In some cases THE CLUB is required to see original documentation before the personal data may be used, such as with Personal Identifiers and/or proof of address.


  1. Retention of Personal Data


Personal data will only be retained for as long as is necessary to fulfil the original or directly related purpose for which it was collected. After the termination of service, THE CLUB shall continue to hold data relating to the customer(s) for a period of 7 years or such other period as prescribed by applicable laws and regulations. If a data user engages a data processor (whether within or outside Hong Kong) to process personal data on data user’s behalf, the data user must adopt contractual or other means to prevent any personal data transferred to the data processor from being kept longer than is necessary for processing of the data.


  1. Access and Correction of Personal Data


Under and in accordance with the terms of the said Ordinance, any customer has the right: –

  1. To check whether THE CLUB holds data about him and of access to such data;
  2. To require THE CLUB to correct any data relating to him which is inaccurate;
  3. To ascertain THE CLUB’s policies and practices in relation to data and to be informed of the kind of personnel data held by THE CLUB;

In accordance with the terms of the said Ordinance, THE CLUB has the right to charge a reasonable fee for the processing of any data access request.


  1. Security Statement


While internet is not an inherently secure environment for communications, security of internet communications can be enhanced by the application of appropriate technology. However, internet security is not solely a technical issue, knowledge on security of personal and transaction data as well as general measure are equally important. “Hackers” could only attack a system through a “door”. However, in most cases imprudent transmission and handling of sensitive data such as confidential documents, password, personal identifiers etc. would facilitate unauthorized access to such a “door” by “hackers”. Hence, internet users should be cautious when handling such kind of sensitive documents and data.


  1. Updates of the Privacy Policy


THE CLUB is sensitive to the privacy issues and recognizes the need to, and may, update this policy as new features and business services are offered by THE CLUB. The User will be deemed to have sufficient notice of any of the changes to this policy 3 days after such changes have been displayed on THE CLUB’s website.


  1. Applicable Law


This Privacy Policy Statement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China.


  1.  English Version and Chinese Translation


This Privacy Policy Statement is written in English language with a Chinese translation. If there is any discrepancy or conflict between the English version and its Chinese translation, the English version prevails.


  1.  THE CLUB’s Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance Contact Detail


All enquiries and request regarding THE CLUB’s compliance with its obligations under the said Ordinance should be in writing to the following contact detail:


Telephone: 2788 3330

Address: Shop No.5, 25/F, 6 Shing Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Email: [email protected]



Ver. 07 Sep, 2017




  1. 簡介


自強拳擊同學會有限公司(「本公司」)在收集任何客戶個人資料或資訊時,充分遵守個人資料(私隱)條例(香港法例第486章) (「條例」)要求是本公司的政策。該條例監管在香港收集和査閲個人資料事項。個人資料意指用於識別個人的任何有關的個人的資訊。處理個人資料時,本公司將確保本公司的員工遵守該條例對安全性和保密規定中最嚴格的標準。


  1. 對私隱承諾



  1. 本公司收集必要的客戶個人資料以便提供相關服務及產品。
  2. 個人資料僅用於指定用途,除非得到客戶同意,否則不得用作其他用途。
  3. 除非(i)得到客戶同意,或(ii)跟據法律規定(但本公司僅會遵從適當機構的要求),否則本公司不會將個人資料向任何第三方機構披露。
  4. 採取任何可行的程序確保客戶個人資料的安全﹑機密及正確。這些資料在不需要時則不會保留。
  5. 僅有經過授權的人員可査閲或處理客戶的個人資料。
  6. 客戶有査閲或更正其個人資料的權利。
  1. 收集個人資料


3.1 本公司或會不時要求閣下提供個人資料,包括但不限於閣下的姓名﹑性別﹑出生日期﹑身份證明文件號碼及/或副本﹑電話號碼﹑傳真號碼﹑位置﹑郵寄地址﹑電郵地址﹑信用卡資料及銀行賬號。如閣下拒絕提供此等資料,可能令本公司無法辦理閣下提交的任何申請或要求,又或使閣下無法存取本公司的網站某些內容,又或導致閣下無法完成原擬在本公司的網站辦理的事宜。如閣下尚未年滿18歲,必須獲得家長或監護人同意,方可向本公司提交任何個人資料。


3.2 本公司部份網站或會向廣告商披露不能識別個人身份的網站訪客綜合統計數據,部份網站亦會收集關於瀏覽訪客的綜合資料,例如到訪次數等統計數字。這類資料可能包括但不限於瀏覽器類型及版本﹑操作系統﹑IP地址及/或域名。


3.3 除另行說明,否則閣下瀏覽本公司的網站時本公司只會收集閣下到訪的記錄,而不會收集閣下任何個人資料。本公司的網站任何部份所設的Cookies(如有)不會用於收集個人資料。Cookies是可保存於網頁使用者電腦內的小型電腦檔案,功能是獲取配置資料及分析網頁使用者的瀏覽習慣。使用者儲存Cookies後,再次瀏覽網站便不必重新註冊。網站常會用Cookies追蹤使用者喜好的網站主題,閣下可修改相關的互聯網選項或電腦系統的瀏覽喜好設定,拒絕儲存Cookies,然而閣下可能因此無法使用或啟動本公司的網站提供的某些功能。本公司的網站可能會攔截不接受Cookies的使用者。


3.4 為協助培訓員工﹑改善服務質素及釐清合約事宜,閣下致電本公司的對話可能會被錄音。


3.5 本公司持有與工作相關的個人資料可能包括以下項目:

  1. 員工和潛在員工及其配偶和家人的姓名和地址﹑聯絡資料﹑出生日期和國籍,及其身分證和/或護照號碼和簽發地點和日期;
  2. 在招募過程用以評估潛在員工工作合適性附加資訊,可能包括向其目前或前任雇主或其他來源的參考資訊;
  3. 員工的其他資訊,可能包括付予員工的薪酬和津貼記錄﹑工作職位﹑調任和訓練記錄﹑醫療檢查紀錄﹑請假﹑出席﹑緊急聯絡人和員工其他的醫療索賠和績效評核報告;
  4. 本公司可要求取得前任所屬員工的相關個人資料,以履行其對前任員工的義務及特定法令對其規定的法定義務;及
  5. 公共領域內的資訊。


  1. 收集個人資料的用途


4.1  閣下作為本公司的客戶或本公司網站的訪客或使用者,向本公司申請及/或持續使用任何服務及/或產品時,或須向本公司提供個人資料。若閣下提供的個人資料不全或失實,本公司可能無法向你提供或繼續提供所需的服務。本公司時刻均會保密閣下的個人資料。本公司收集﹑使用﹑保留﹑披露﹑轉移﹑保安和查閱個人資料的政策及實務守則,一律遵從該條例及本聲明的規定。本公司可使用和保留你提供的個人資料作以下任何用途,以及作雙方不時協定或法律規定的其他用途:

  1. 辦理閣下的服務申請及提供服務;
  2. 在閣下同意的情況下,使用閣下的個人資料(包括但不限於姓名﹑性別﹑電話號碼﹑傳真號碼﹑位置﹑郵寄地址﹑電郵地址﹑出生日期)推銷不時訂立於客戶同意書有關本公司﹑本公司之供應商或合作伙伴的服務及/或產品類別(不論本公司有否就推廣收取報酬)。本公司會以直銷電話﹑電郵﹑電子訊息1﹑傳真﹑郵件等方式向閣下提供有關推廣資料;
  3. 辦理因應各項服務而向閣下提供的相關優惠;
  4. 就提供服務而分析﹑核實及/或查核閣下的信用﹑付款及/或賬戶狀況;及
  5. 促進閣下賬戶日常運作﹑提供顧客服務及/或收取閣下賬戶尚欠的服務收費;

1 電子訊息包括經以下途徑發出之訊息: 手機短訊﹑多媒體訊息或跨平台流動短訊應用程式(例: 智能手機短訊應用程式)。


4.2 査閲與人員相關個人資料的目的如下:

  1. 處理工作申請;
  2. 決定及審查薪資﹑紅利和其他津貼;
  3. 考慮升遷﹑訓練或調任;
  4. 提供員工推薦信;
  5. 監督遵守本公司的內部規則;
  6. 直接或間接與本公司遵守任何工作或法定義務有關的任何其他目的;及
  7. 遵守任何對本公司有約束力的法例,或本公司須遵守的管理或其他機關公佈的任何指導方針,符合其披露要求。
  1. 個人資料的安全性




  1. 個人資料的準確性




  1. 保存個人資料




  1. 個人資料的査閲及更正



  1. 查核本公司是否持有其個人資料及有權査閲有關的資料;
  2. 要求本公司對其不準確的個人資料作出更正;
  3. 查悉本公司對資料相關政策和實務,並獲知本公司持有其個人資料的類別。



  1. 安全聲明




  1. 本私隱政策的變更

本公司重視私隱事宜,並表明在本公司提供新產品及服務時,有需要及可能會更新此份政策資料。由本公司於網站展示對此政策作出改動後 3 日,用戶將視為已充份獲悉有關改動。


  1. 適用法律



  1.  英文本及中文譯本



  1.  本公司個人資料(私隱)條例聯絡資料




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電子郵件信箱: [email protected]




Ver. 07 Sep, 2017